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The Team: Nat


I’m specialized in authentic traditional thai massage therapy in a range of styles, offering the highest quality.  I’m a certified Therapist with the training from the world class institute, Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School, Bangkok, 2000.

Wat Pho certificate
Neurosonic certificate

Our Collaboration: HH Tionang

HH Tionang, business id 3254881-2, serves the customers together with us in the Siam Wellness premises.


My name is Herve Tionang, I am a trained masseuse graduating from the Eastern Helsinki Massage School in 2021. I offer sports, classical and African massage. I speak french, english and finnish. I am a former football professional from Cameroon.

African massage has been practiced for over 400 years and is passed down from one generation to the next. It is used more often by mothers and is also seen as a proof of love passed down from mothers to children. Massage techniques vary according to African cultures and traditions. In Cameroon, traditional African massage aims to regenerate skin cells, improve blood circulation and enhance joints and muscles mobility. It is also the rebirth of its recipient, a new beginning. Its movements are spotted with music designed specifically for such rituals. The massage uses shea butter, which softens the skin and has nutritional properties for the body. At the beginning and end of the massage, use small towels soaked in warm water. After the massage, guests can sample African delicacies such as exotic tea. All the conditions are met so that we can offer you a unique experience!