Traditional treatment on the floor

We have re-arranged our treatment space to be faithful to the most traditional Thai style. Now all our treatments are done on the floor, on a mattress.

Hieronta lattialla

New booking system

We are going to have a new booking system soon. Read more about the change.

Nat is having a break and returns 2 March 2023

Massage during COVID-19

We have implemented significant changes to the way we operate for everyone’s safety. All of our therapists wear masks to cover their face and use hand sanitiser before and after each treatment. Treatment rooms, areas are disinfected with complete makeover after every treatment.

We request our clients use online booking. Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and leaving. Customers must wear a mask throughout the treatment with the exception of face down during massage treatments.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

UNESCO recognizes Traditional Thai Massage

We are happy to share the news that UNESCO has listed Traditional Thai Massage as Intangible cultural heritage! Read more.