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Thai Massages

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient therapeutic form of treatment with yoga-style guided postures. Compared to western massage, Thai massage involves a lot of movement, stretching, and pressing. The therapist uses not only hands but also thumbs, elbows, and feet. Siam Wellness treatments and therapists are known for the quality that is based on extensive training and practical experience of the therapists.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional full body Thai yoga massage. In this treatment, oils are not applied. Read more.

60 min / 119 €

Thai Oil Massage

Full body oil massage using scentless, high quality botanical oil. Read more.

60 min / 99 €

Siam Wellness Oil Massage

Full body massage using high quality botanical Thai herbal balm and Thai herbal balm massage oil. Read More.

60 min / 99 €

Neck, schoulder, and head massage

Relieves stiffness and ache that result from stress and tension in the neck and shoulder region. Read more.

30 min / 49 €

Western Massages

Siam Wellness therapists are able to bring a flavour of Thai style and energy also to these western massage techniques. Worth trying out!

Classic Massage

Classic massage is the modality that comes to mind when most people think about massage. The primary goal is to relax the entire body using a multitude of techniques. Read more.

60 min / 99 €

Sport Massage

An individually tailored deep form of soft tissue massage that uses specific techniques to treat the stress, tension and fatigue that occurs through occupational, recreational or sporting activities. Read more.

60 min / 99 €